Company Profile

ANSET (ANSET Özel Sağlık ve Eğitim Kültür İnşaat Ticaret Ltd. Şti.) was established in 1991, with an 84% shareholding participation of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality.

In parallel with the objectives of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, ANSET continues its activities at national and international level, with the aims of the development of the city and the raising of the brand value of the city, through the projects it produces and brings into being, ensuring that tourism makes a bigger contribution to the city’s economy, and contributing to the development of our city and our municipality in education, health and cultural areas.

It has determined participation in artistic events in the national and international arena as its principal activities, with its experience and display of confidence in the markets.

The International Antalya Film Festival, which has been continuing for 53 years, and is among the oldest three big festivals of Europe and one of the most deep-rooted arts events of our country, brings together the important directors, films and world-famous actors and actresses of world cinema with the people of Antalya, within the scope of special activities and social responsibility projects. The International Antalya Film Festival is organised by Anset.

The Antalya International Piano Festival is the most important music festival which has been contributing to the identity of Antalya as an international “city of art”, since the year 2000. The festival, which brings together world-famous local and foreign artists with the art-lovers of Antalya, every year, presents a wealthy programme from classical music to jazz, and with its special shows.